Success Stories
Here are some stories of  the courageous young men and women who participated in Project Real Life Y.O.T.C, Inc. programs.  Read how their lives have changed for the better!



Overcoming All Odds


Low Self-Esteem - Pride - Fear - Rejection - Jealousy - Suicidal Thoughts - Bad Habits - Deep Hurt - Regret - Anxiety - Trouble Communicating - Withdrawn from Others - Depression - Confusion - Anger - Timidity - Broken Trust - Hitting Rock Bottom - Drug Abuse - Oppression - Rape - Anger - Hate - Physical Abuse - Issues with Authority - Rebellion - Deception - Alcoholism - Poverty - Mental Abuse - Negative Thoughts - Molestation - Hostility



S.W. started receiving help from Project Real Life Y.O.T.C. (PRL) eight years ago. She was 18 years old when she started the program.  Her parents' divorce affected her greatly.  She had many issues including anger, depression, low self-esteem, lack of motivation and poor performance at school. PRL’s mentoring program helped build S.W. self-confidence.  PRL also help S.W. build to her financial credit and prepared her for the work force (resume writing, dress for success program, etc…). Consistent mentoring helped S.W. complete high school successfully and she was accepted to Clayton State University for the fall 2007 semester. In addition, PRL helped S.W. secure a position at Grady Memorial Hospital as an optometrist technician. S.W. is now 25 years and serves as PRL mentor. PRL is currently helping S.W. purchase her first home. 



I. W. needed help with her securing employment and housing. She also desired to have positive role models for her twin teenage daughters.  I.W. came to Project Real Life Y.O.T.C. (PRL) for assistance because she was in the process of losing her Section 8 apartment. PRL helped her to obtain employment at Grady Memorial Hospital and provided her with transportation to work.  PRL also provided her with case management assistance to stop I.W. from losing her apartment. PRL provided letters to the landlord and setup a meeting with the landlord to prevent the eviction. She was able to keep her apartment and continue to work and provide for her family. PRL provided her family with financial assistance for utilities, food and clothing.  PRL also provided counseling to I.W. and mentoring services to her twin daughters. Before participating in PRL’s program’s I.W.’s twin daughters were not concerned about attending or completing school. PRL helped the girls to gain entry into an alternative school. 



D. F. started the program at the age of 19. He came seeking help because he had problems finding and maintaining employment. D.F. participated in Project Real Life Y.O.T.C’s mentoring program and career training. He learned how to write resumes, how to complete job applications and how to dress professionally. D.F. obtained full time employment and is now an active member in his church.



C. H. came to Project Real Life Y.O.T.C for help because his family was experiencing hard times financially. He lost his job due to a back injury and he was the sole provider for his household. His home was in the process of foreclosure proceedings.  PRL helped stop the foreclosure.  C.H. and his family still reside in their home. PRL also provided this family with financial assistance for utilities, food and clothing.


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