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We are Project Real Life Youth Occupational Training Corp, Inc., a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization serving Metropolitan Atlanta. We focus on rehabilitation of delinquent youth, the mentoring of children and teens and the strengthening of families in the community. Our goal is to promote economic improvement and the empowerment of our citizens through our programs, which include GED preparation, job training,  job placement, counseling, case management, affordable housing opportunities as well as food and clothing distribution, while helping to reduce the burden of government. 

Mission & Approach

Our Vision

We open doors to success for individuals and families by creating

opportunities for the community. Since Project Real Life Y.O.T.C's

inception in 1993, and with limited resources more than 10,000

young men, women and their families have received services

in the areas of job training, job and volunteer placement, home

counseling seminars, case management, basic computer skills

training, life counseling and mentoring.

Project Real Life Y.O.T.C., Inc. (PRL) is a 501 c(3) agency located

in Metro Atlanta. PRL was birthed from the dying need to grasp

disparities found within the community. PRL programs are catered

to family development, mentoring, counseling, recreational activities,

education and job preparation in order to decrease the number of

individuals who fall victim of AIDS, drugs, abuse, crime violence

and poverty. Our vision is to provide long-term real life solutions to

transform individuals and communities.  


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